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Diane Murphy
Branch Manager - Escrow Officer

Diane Murphy
Email dmurphy@veritastitlepartners.com
Call 713-482-2845

As one of the founding members of Veritas Title Partners, Diane takes personal pride in delivering excellent customer service. She has been in the title industry for more than a decade and worked with the commercial teams of major title underwriters before helping to launch Veritas. Diane draws on a wide range of commercial title experience, from developments to land assemblage, to create successful transactions. Her personal dedication and calm, pleasant demeanor make every transaction a positive experience for her customers. Diane earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree in finance.

Liz Chavez
Commercial Escrow Assistant

Liz Chavez
Email lchavez@veritastitlepartners.com
Call 713-482-2849

Every real estate transaction is different, and every person who comes to the table has different needs. Liz Chavez takes pride in discovering what it takes to accommodate each customer. If they are anxious, she puts them at ease. If they are on a tight timeline, she helps organize a quick closing with meetings scheduled for their convenience. Liz began developing these instincts when she first entered the title industry at age 19. Since then, she has honed her analytical and organizational skills in the oil and gas industry, where she worked as a landman, lease analyst and office manager. Her bilingual skills are also helpful as she assists the Veritas commercial escrow team in its challenging work.

Kathy Mays
Escrow Officer

Kathy Mays
Email kmays@veritastitlepartners.com
Call 713-482-2841

Kathy Mays is one of the title industry’s most seasoned pros. She draws on vast experience to guide clients along the most efficient path toward closing.
From building successful practices to managing busy offices, Kathy’s career spans the industry. She teamed up with Veritas Title Partner principal Sandra Paige earlier in their careers to execute complicated commercial multi-site, multi-state transactions that few others could handle. She then directed her attention to the residential side of the industry, including construction loan closings, and soon became known for her expertise in both commercial and residential transactions.
A native Texan, Kathy grew up in a family of real estate developers, leading her to pursue an interest in related fields. Her past roles as co-owner of a building company, Realtor© and real estate paralegal have added dimension to her longstanding career as an escrow officer. This total package of experience makes her a valuable asset to her clients and to the Veritas Title Partners team.

Melissa Kaiser
Business Development Manager

Melissa Kaiser
Email mkaiser@veritastitlepartners.com
Call 713-482-2842

Melissa Kaiser supports the Houston real estate community through lasting relationships built on trust. As the your personal representative to the rest of the Veritas team, she ensures that every interaction is effective, efficient and truly in your best interest. Her genuine concern shines as she dedicates herself wholly to taking care of “her people.”

Melissa developed her “above and beyond” mentality during many years in the hospitality industry. She has a B.A. degree in business administration. Melissa enjoys photography, true crime novels and having fun with her family.